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21 May 2008

Future of Rome

Kind of an ambitious title I realize, yet those of us Romans who use(d) to be of left leaning we're all getting kinda philosophical here since 1- the extreme right -reinvented moderate, yet inspired by a fascist (!) glories (?) of the past- triumphed at the elections 2- so far they don't seem near as bad as expected (paradoxically though!).
But let me get back to track.
Future of cities like ours is mostly written in the megacenters of the South. To envision development Rome should stop looking at the developed world cities and compare to the best leapfrogging examples of the developed world. The new guy at the Capitol will get this concept by instinct (see point 2 above). Let's face it, we love Rome as it is (somehow), but a)we're not even near a developed first world city, b) go on like this a few more years and we're heading straight to collapse. We got to look straight in the face those cities that have gotten there (the collapse) a little earlier than us and use a tip or two.
Here is my tip made easy for the brand new major of Rome, in many ways still virgin to the power system that has reigned so far, so potentially more open.
Gianni please look at:
Bogotà for services
Goa for RURbanism
Mexico City for development
China for sun/biomassgassification/liftclub
See what you can do of it, I gotta finish packing my stuff and book.)