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22 May 2008

Rome and the Negawatt

Those of you acquainted with our website know how much we care about the environment. There is a big fuss nowadays about the 'Negawatt, in one word: the possibility of reducing by 30% world energy consumption by simple savings.
Rome from that perspective is faring ok. Cost of energy here is about double than elsewhere, as a consequence I've heard about utility managers here already decades ago. People are conscious about turning the lights off after they leave a room, if nothing else because it will cost them a fortune to behave differently!
Sure it would be nicer to see an ethical effort pointing in that direction, the Italian State isn't really taxing so much for idealistic reasons... After all it is here that the Club of Rome shook the world with their concerns expressed in the early 1970s with its reports The Limits to Growth (see Factor Four: Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use).. Also: what about the REM (Rome Energy Meetings)? And the latest 11th International Energy Forum (IEF)?
It may take some time before we get our 'negawatt' central here, yet on a scale we're not faring badly. Some steps have been taken on Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) and solar panels. I've heard saying it here in Rome actually: 'don't talk the talk, walk the walk!'
We, at Roman Reference are doing our bit, we are the first vacation rental website in Rome (in the world really) to have included an ecological footprint to the description of each of our apartments and we incentive clients to be consumption aware.
'Save yourself, save the world, save the energy!!' dixit.)