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30 Oct 2008

Rome Hotels VS Paris Hotels

Following up on the thread of hotel price differences, if we put together the official influx of tourists figures seems like Paris got 333 tourists a year for each available room, therefore they're fully booked, and Rome 166 tourist a year, therefore still plenty of capacity.
Logical consequence would be to think that vacation rentals in Paris should be more needed and therefore more expensive than Rome. This is true in the case of our websites at the moment where romanreference boosts a minimum of 450€ (Rome apartment near the Coliseum) a week and to a max of 3,500€ (Rome apartment near Villa Borghese), with a median price included between 805€ (Rome apartment near the Colosseum) to 955€/week (Rome villa inside the Villa Borghese parkland) per apartment rental and parisreference has a minimum of 585€ (Paris apartment in the Marais) and a max of 2,700€ (Paris flat near the Tour Eiffel) and a median price included between 1,120€ (Paris apartment near Place de Clichy) and 2,360€ (Paris flat in Place Edmond Michelet).
Yet our Paris website is a newborn and can't really be compared with Roman Reference which has long since reached maturity.
If we look at leading vacation rentals website like VRBO we see that Paris properties are 926 compared with the 298 of Rome (FeWo, the German leader, has Rome with 413 against Paris with 818) with prices ranging from 380/wk to 7000/wk in euro with a median price of 700€, while Rome goes from 480/wk to 5,000/wk with a median price of 800€.
The offer of apartments is double to triple as high in Paris than Rome, while google shows search queries for rome apartments (the most requested) at 60,500/month against 110,000 for paris apartments.
Despite the introduction it all falls into place. Paris has a longer history and more need of vacation rentals and therefore has, in some ways, overshot the offer while demand hasn't kept the pace. So now we're looking at the apparent paradox of a city the same size of Rome with 5 times as many tourists whose hotel and vacation apartment prices are some 10% lower. In this series of posts I feel like I've solved the mistery and looking in perspective I expect a harsher competition in Paris than Rome. So far though, it felt like the opposite. We'll talk about it in the next post. In the meanwhile any comment IS welcome!