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11 Dec 2008

Rent By Owner or By Property Management?

The New York Times recently posted an article about the Pitfalls of Private Rentals. It goes n telling some horror stories of disappointed travelers and then explains that there is a major difference between renting by Owner (big players in the US are, or in europe) or by property management (,, The previous costs less but has absolutely no quality control, the latter has quality control and service but an additional fee that can go up to 45%.
While the vacation rental online market is shaping sharpely as above we are standing in the middle, being somewhat of a niche website. Both in fee and services we stand-between.
Charging between 15 to max 23% (depending on the market value of the property and the form of agreement with the owner), we differentiate from owners-direct rentals in many ways.
For the Renters:
a)We phisycally visit over 90% of our listed apartments and verify the description and furniture
b)We rank each and every apartment with our quality score. See Q&A of for details.
c)All apartments receive clients unbiased feedbacks (see an example of negative feedback on Colosseo rental apartment #360 and of positive ones on Colosseo Rental Apartment #138b and Campo dei Fiori Rental Apartment #176.)
d) We phisycally help in case of troubles and moderate in case of disagreements with the owners
For the Owners:
A) We have clients electronically sign up to Roman Reference terms and conditions
B) When doing the check ins in Rome, we take the credit card details for the damage deposit
C) In Rome apartments we help in case of emergencies and have handymen and cleaners.