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6 Oct 2009

paypal scam beware

In the past decade we've been victim of several scam schemes, but this is one of the most surprising to date.
The guy who did this -name temporarily obscured because under investigation-, is well known at the police station for this kind of scam. He overbooked his own apartment and to repair booked one of our apartments under the pseudonym -name and email temporarily obscured-, and paid in full through paypal 1,300 euro. Over two months later he charged-back the full amount and paypal, at least so far, just communicated to us that the funds are on hold and will likely be paid back to him!
This is quite shocking because it means that PayPal is a payment method completely unreliable and to be avoided in our business since any simple fraudster can ask and obtain a full refund well after their stay and in spite of a correspondence that clearly shows their responsibility.
I'll keep the blog updated about this.
UPDATE: After months of wait with our funds on hold PayPal finally got back to us only to inform us that they were charging us for their mistake. Since they are the ones charging the credit card it's really not clear to us why we should be paying for their mistake. Just beware of PayPal payments!