Rome Apartments' Videos


27 Oct 2009

VRMA - Day 2 - it works!

From the 'art of breakfast' to the 'art of marketing', fully armed soldiers parading into the room with American flags and 'sentiment analysis', 'conversation' rather than 'scent marketing, 'decreasing radius of travel' as a consequence of the increasing 'time poverty' and the never ending myth of the perfect client, ie, the 'affluent'=150,000$ a year and 2,000,000$ in assets. At least three video per presentation and big deal orators that won't let you gap one single second.
There is a lot of spectacular here, a French friend of mine would shake his head about les Americaine, but let's face it, we may pretend to snob this way of presenting objects and concepts but we luve it. And it works! Did I learn? sure, but there is more to it. Occasions like this make you step back and look at the overall perspective and appearance of your business to make it more fun and efficient. We tend to spend all of our time just running numbers until our view blurs, it's nice to give a look at the big picture. Glad to be here.