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26 Nov 2009

RomanReference's Demographics, what conclusions

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Let's talk Demographics today. On Microsoft Adlab Predictions (thanks Trent Blizzard for pointing it out to me!) it looks like if you take it by query 'Roman Reference' (our most searched keyword) has a demographics almost evenly shared between females (56%) and males and, surprisingly, a predicted age distribution <18, meaning young people between 18 and 24 should supposedly soon create the bulk of our demographics (49%)!
There are many reasons why I'm surprised by this prediction. One, our past knowledge (see further for details). Two, if you run the adlab by URL, results make sense to the above. Which is: 61% female and an age prediction oriented on the 50+(31%) with 25-34 covering another 25%. No lack of surprises here too with the 35-49 (12%!) at the lowest of the scale. If I try other main keywords for us 'Apartments in Rome' and 'Rome Apartments' they show 62% Female and 18-49 age dominance the previous, against 56% male and 35-50+ age dominance (finally!) the latter.
Alexa demographics of our website shows a rather different story. Pervalently males, graduated, no children (!), hook up from work, between 25 and 44 years of age.
On YouTube again we have male orientation (58%); 35 to 54 of age (note, the closer to the latter the higher percentage, so pretty much opposite to the previous two predictions for the date range)
On Facebook instead we have 54% female, prevalently between 35 and 44 years of age.
English language (43% almost all US) is number one by all measures and the most reliable is Google Analytics. Followed by French (15%) and Italian (14.5%), German (9%) and Spanish (5%). English, Italian, French and Northern European languages are growing year to year, while German and Polish are falling badly in numbers although not on conversion rates, Spanish and Portuguese are just falling.
CONCLUSIONS: The most noteworthy conclusion is how erratic can numbers be when looked upon from different perspectives.
OK, either than that if I filter through an improvised spreadsheet algorithm the numbers above what I get (what I guess I get) is 1) make my website slightly more feminine (ouch!) and younger oriented (ahrg!) 2) forget them families (noway!) 3) invest some more (especially on research!) on those German and Spanish languages