Rome Apartments' Videos


23 Nov 2009

Some handy new features on

Over the weekend we've addedd some handy new features to our websites and taken off others.
Video Search: We've added the possibility on the homepage to search only apartments with video descriptions. It's becoming increasingly important to feature video descriptions of apartments and we've received requests of clients to single out the apartments that have that. Owners please contact us if you need a video made! At this stage only 5% of you have video descriptions ins pite of over a year of calls to urge in that direction.
Facebook and Twitter share links: just click on them and join if you want to keep updated on what's going on with Cities Reference and/or network with fellow tourists using our apartments before and after you use one of our apartments
Increased number of apartments on last minute offer shown on the homepage: Now they're 5, still not enough?
Taken off the weather from the homepage: You don't agree? Please let us know. We just thought there was no use since 93.7% of our clients book longer than one week prior to arrival.
Check the new feature on our Rome apartments' homepage and do participate in the work in progress, you're very welcome to post your comments