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24 Dec 2009

Best Country Index

Now let's look at the index from the opposite perspective. Which nationality would be best to invest into?
We took into consideration a different range of factors.
Primarily the nation's absolute values in terms of market share with us (their number of visits and conversion rate) and gave it a value of 3/8th.
Then it's growth rate compared to the overall market share (both in visits and conversions) 2/8th.
It's own growth rate in visit numbers: 1/8th
Finally we looked at the nation's conversion rate and its year on year growth with it: 2/8th.
The outcome is meant to represent the present + near future (growth rate) value of a nationality and therefore how worthy of investment it is.
1- USA: 121
2- France: 111
3- Italy: 104
4- Denmark: 99
5- Australia: 98
6- Canada: 94
7- Norway: 84
8- Switzerland: 83

From there on all values go below benchmark.