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2 Feb 2010

Debut 2010 our Alexa ranking is looking good!

The other day at a meeting with competitors a question came out of nowhere.
How many single visitors you have to your site?
I replied candidly an average figure which turned out to be some 20% lower than the updated one and sounded a lot lower than the other competitors' in the room.
Let's check out independent figures. Alexa is arguably the leader for independent websites' metric since over a decade now.
Well, attending Alexa with 65,349 in traffic rank we are arguably leading the bunch.
To double check I picked up the most visited keyword 'Rome Apartments' and compared to the first ranking websites, we seem to be way over all of them in traffic - Site Info from Alexa

From first to fourth:
romecityapartments: 798,187
rentalinrome: 150,177
romanhomes: 549,422
holiday-velvet: 110,430 (but this website covers many cities not just rome, we're only looking at our Rome website) 648,000

Interesting also to remark that we passed in ranking such worldwide landmarks for vacation rental and travel websites like (78,802) .
Or listing websites that cover the whole world under one single website like (66,060), (236,152), (198,736) or (164,490), (126,240), (326,091), (210,000), (98,144), (86,813), (235,790), (1,063,000), (768,029), - doorways ltd (1,440,000), (90,617), (94,801), (95,000), (808,000)