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16 Feb 2010

Roman Reference: Reporting and Trends #2

The beginning of a new year is when you report on the past and project to the future. We want to start a series of postings about this taking inspiration by other publications and tools.

ISI (Instant Software) recently published an interesting Annual Report on the state of the Vacation Rental Market in the United States of America.
I think it's a good comparison point to look at the state of our business through the crisis.

Number of Reservations: 'booking activity' (includes future stays) in the US allegedly shrank by 3% while they grew by 30.5% for roman reference.
Revenue went down 6% in the US while it grew 20.2% for us.

1- that the 'booking activity' differs from the 'actual stays' (where we only grew 2.9% in 2009 year on year) in that takes into account all confirmed bookings throughout the year. That means that booking activity in 2008 included many actual stays in 2009 and activity of 2009 includes many bookings yet to convert into actual stays. It's therefore a reliable measure of growth to come, although it won't take cancellations into account.
2- That the US seems to have experienced a decrease in revenue-per-booking even higher than our own (we lost 10% year on year, and a staggering 35% if compared with revenue-per-booking in 2006).

Conclusions: Compared to the rest of the Vacation Rental Industry 2009 for Roman Reference wasn't too bad. As I remarked above, in terms of 'actual stays' we didn't grow much, but the 'booking activity' promises strong growth for the short/medium term.

To follow google benchmarks and year on year main results.

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