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26 Mar 2010

PageRank VS ApartmentRank

While a group of creditworthy scientists in Italy seems to have found the missing link between quantum phisycs and, yeah, the ever changing Google PageRank equation (see: PageRank equation and localization in the WWW) I feel lost in entropy trying to find a sound way to rank our listed apartments.

A seemingly simple task as ranking your apartments can turn into a real conundrum once you start looking at the numbers.
First let me tell you we're going upstream by separating the renters rating reviews from the ranking algorythm, on Roman Reference you'll soon be able to sort apartments on the base of reviews alone, forget our own ranking criteria which are (see below) in quicksand

And now let's look at the figures:

Most Visited equals Less Profitable:
Our 20 most visited apartments gets nearly double visits than average and feature a bounce rate 30% higher than average and a $value 22.5% lower than average.
They also have an actual ranking much higher than average which determines being displayed higher in search results and more on the homepage. The question is: since they are underperforming they shouldn't be ranking so high or are they undeperforming because they are ranking high?
Only 20% of visitors come to the website with a clear idea of what they want (and go straight to the search engine) the remaining 80% just want to take a look and is therefore less likely to book, they will click on the first apartments they see, hang in there and not book. This may explain the lower dollar value, although it doesn't the higher bounce rate.

Better Bounce Rate = Better $ Value:
The 20 apartments featuring the best bounce rate (40% lower than average) have 8.5% better $value. The 20 apartments featuring the best $Value (40% higher than average) feature 5.5% better than average bounce rate.

Engagement VS Revenue:
If numbers talk overall engagement goes against $Value.
Apartments with best bounce and $value rate feature respectively 26.5% and 10% less than average time on page spent by visitors and 40% and 25% less owners' engagement (the number of times a owner logs into our back office per week).

If I were to translate this into simple talk
1- clients lingering on a page to read amenities, other clients' reviews and nearby attractions lists book less
2- owners with high value of engagement are overvalued in our algorithm and get higher than deserved rankings (best performing apartments have half then average visitors and owners' committment rates).

Leontief, Schrödinger or, yeah, Larry & Sergey please do come to rescue!

Photo Credit LinkaLab