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11 Mar 2010

#pcITB - Chaos Calls - Bloggers Summit is Great

Great opening of the bloggers' summit today brainstorming with Phillip Wolf on the chaos expecting the online travel market.

Our approach to SEO and internet marketing has been revolutionized by
-social marketing already (that includes at least facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube and, oh yeah, your blog obviously),
-OTAs like expedia are likely to grow and lock in a chunk of our market and, most importantly,
-new devices will call different technology (think: iphone apps).

So what to do, specialize on something and cross fingers or embrace it all?

And while we're at it, will a bloggers' summit be held again at all?

How do bloggers compare to journalists?

Little note on how the conference closed yesterday with P. Wolf interview with David Roche, who is president of and (see Expedia). Very interesting, with omissions drawing attention at least as much as what was explicitly said.
These sub-brands of Expedia are, attending Mr Roche, competing to one another and to Expedia. Sounds like a good example of coopertition.
Is it true?! Rumors have it, in Rome for example regarding, that sub-brands business models are being gradually changed as to resemble Expedia's more and more. Rumors, that is, have it that Expedia is largely playing a catch and kill, slow killing, so the user base don't go wasted, but competitors (and their competing models) fade away by brute force and they keep locking in on us.

Chaos is Calling! Whichever way you look at entropy is better than the law and order of a lock-in effect under a big whole OTA controlling us all.