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10 Mar 2010

#pcitb - Not So Sure I know what to Make Of It

Well over half through the PhocusWright conference here at ITB Berlin and don't feel so sure what to make of it.
'What am I doing here?'
I'm feeling a bit like Bruce right now, I'm not so sure about the other attendees, but they all seem busy like me on their computers and iphones during the conference. The smartest looking one I met outside during a keynote. Asked him how comes, 'Too dark in there' he replied briskly. Half way through I'm afraid I start getting the meaning.
What was I expecting
Information I guess. I mean we're talking #1 think tank in our field! I flew expressly 1000s kms because I was expecting some fire hose of information to go crazy and drawn me. Most of what I see here is presentation of firms (small to huge) and talkbacks (with the notable exception of severine philardeau/tripadvisor VS matthew goldberg/lonely planet) which are not engaging or confrontational, really. Case studies, ok, but that kind of info is pablic and burdering advertising.
On the good side
These guys here are big time professionals. You get your iphone app with instant updates, schedule is respected literally to the second, they call the conference 'show' and, hey, they know how to be spectacular!
When you go into the hall it feels just like '2001 a space odissey' revisited, with video effects and stereo soundtrack you end up wondering how could they make the 3D effect work without glasses.
@itb, show starts again now, we'll catch up later