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1 Mar 2010

Roman Reference: Reporting and Trends #3 - Google metrics and benchmarks

Let's now give a look at year on year google metrics. What's improving and what isn't.

The Metrics

Overall visits to the website have gone up almost 40%. I think we can credit half of this growth to the renewed efforts and investmens made towards organic SEO and the other half to a general growth on the engagement rate.

Pageviews and Pages/Visits went down. The previous slightly (3%) the latter rather dramatically (30%). This is most likely due to the growth in engagement. Clients more than last year keep coming back to the website and they know more precisely what to look for.

Bounce Rate to reconfirm the above, albeit less than we would have hoped, it has improved (-1.5%)

Same goes for the Average time on Site which has gone up 5.6%.

New Visits instead have gone down almost 6% and that's another indicator of a higher level of engagement.

Onsite Conversions went up almost 50%! which is a great result and conversion rate raised by over 7%