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4 May 2010

Get a 5% discount!

We aren't started with e-mail marketing yet and we may just as well never do that! We believe in Pull VS Push Marketing... To put it in plain English we are afraid to become a burden to you with unrequested emails. True, many of you have created an account with us and subscribed to it, but we still can't pass that line because on our personal experience we get too many of those emails we're not really interested in and we just don't want to end up on your spam list!

So, for the moment -despite marketing experts preaching the wonderful ROI of email marketing- discount offers will still be shown only online: here on the blog, facebook and twitter, assuming that regular clients will keep posted and/or submit their feeds.


5% on all CitiesReference rentals if, when placing your reservation, you mention in the notes the booking ID number and the name of renter for any previous booking with us, in any city of our network, from any date in the past starting 1997.
You don't need to be a client of ours, you can as well be a friend of a former renter and just ask her previous booking number.

This offer will expire with the last day of October 2010.

So hurry up!

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